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Religion and spirituality are sometimes thought to be practically different concepts. However, when you delve deeper into their true meaning they turn out to be sharing some similar features. Religion essentially refers to an organized system of practices and doctrines with a majority of religions basing their beliefs on a great book or a great prophet. It is also dependent on faith as religious people normally put their confidence and trust into religious teachings. Spirituality on the other hand is considered a broad concept as it focuses on the connection between oneself and something bigger. It deals with the resolution of existential questions such as the meaning of life and our role in the universe. Spiritual people strive to comprehend how they connect to themselves, to the moment, to others and nature. During your spiritual journey, you may decide to seek answers through phone psychic reading. Here is further insight into their similarities.

What Does Spirituality and Religion Have in Common?

The belief in something bigger than oneself is the main unifying factor between religion and spirituality. In religion, the higher deities include God the Father, Jesus, Brahman, Allah or Tao. In Spirituality on the other hand, there is also belief in God but it is conceived to be a primal energy or the universe. In both cases, the divinities possess greater powers than us. Secondly, in both spirituality and religion, there is a yearning for a relationship with the higher power. Additionally, they both have practices and rituals that are intended to deepen one's spirituality or religiosity. Spirituality may involve yoga sessions or meditation while religion involves sacred sacraments and rites. Both are also unified by fear of failure. In spirituality, failure involves the inability to attain one's true worth or destiny in life. In religion, the consequence of failure is burning in hellfire or some other unimaginable but detrimental fate.

How May Speaking to a psychic Give You Further Insight into Your Life?

A psychic essentially has the ability to tune into the energy of objects or people which sometimes enables them to establish a spiritual link. Psychics are able to feel or sense elements of people past, present or future. They thus depend on their psychic ability or basic sense of intuition to collect information on the person or object there are reading. With this ability, psychics may have the capacity of answering some existential questions such as your place in the world and provide guidance to your religious or spiritual odyssey.